I, Benjamin



I, Benjamin, all my life to this day

I, Benjamin, swear on mother’s grave

I am innocent of the crime against me charged              

How can I confess when the killer is still at large?


I, Benjamin, come through the back door of fame

Now I conspire to shed this coat of shame 

I circle in my cage like an angry lion

Enslaved because my soul shouts with roarin’ fire


CHORUS 1              

If tonight should be my last to live          

Hope I find the strength in my soul to forgive

Those who wander through a darkened land

And cannot see the inner peace in Benjamin


I, Benjamin, of sound spirit and mind

I been watchin’ the sands of Time                               

Slip through the hourglass, crying out for Truth

Like rolling thunder of impending doom






I, Benjamin, all night and day

I been zoomin’ toward the pearly gates

Now I am hovering over earth and sky                         

Trying to make my way across the Great Divide            


CHORUS 2              
For tonight has been my last to live                  

I have found the strength in my soul to forgive

Those who would use the Jah Jah might

To try and free the inner light in me         



 © Rick Cabral    8/16/00  

Keyboards, percussion and engineering by
Philip Howard, 
The Right Music, Sacramento