Einstein-Rosen Bridge

Here I sit so all alone 

Surrounded by my friends the little stones 

As I gaze into an azure sky 

My heart begins to cry 


For all the stars burning bright 

Remind me of your lovely smile 

What I would give to have you here with me 

Under this indigo menagerie 



If I could just travel back in Time 

Untie the strings on which I dared to climb 

But where to find a wormhole in a pinch 

Like an Einstein-Rosen Bridge 


Oh, the stars burning in the sky 

Remind me of your lovely smile 

Under this indigo menagerie 

I contemplate my cosmic quandry 


If I could reach out and pull you from the past 

Hold you by my side at last 

My soul would sail through the stars 

Vibrations of your charms 





© Rick Cabral                                                                                                                                     10/22/08