(Jardim de Flores)


Won’t you come and sit in my lovely garden?
With every blossom my heart is filled with love
Surrounded by these exquisite flowers
Roses red and rhododenderon  

As we sit here in the garden of love
The gentle sun and ocean breeze caress your face
Amid the enchanting fragrance that abounds
And swirls around in this beautiful space 

Oh, as I hold you in this GARDEN OF FLOWERS
Everywhere the beautiful bouquet
That I have grown with my own hands in this garden
A testament to the love we embrace 

As we sit here in the Garden of Flowers
The gentle sun and ocean breeze warms the land
In all my years, I never imagined you
Holding yellow roses I placed in your hands 

Oh, in the evening the fragrant plumeria
In the leis caressing your lovely neck
Oh, it’s pure intoxication
All I can do to keep from falling over the cliff

(Repeat Bridge, then in Portuguese) 

Oh, como eu o seguro entre estas flores
Em toda parte você vê o buquê belo
Que eu cresci aqui para você em meu jardim
Un testamento ao amor que nós cingimos

(Outro…Jardim de Flores) 

© Rick Cabral                                                  02/2009