Jumbulayuh is a collaboration of artists, led by Sacramentan Rick Cabral, contributing to an overall New Orleans-style, psychedelic swing sound that's guaranteed to raise a smile. 

Our latest release, featuring all original songs, is Home Cookin'. Sample some of the fare below, but watch the spice!

To listen to a tune, or view the lyric, just click on the song title:

West Coast Valentino

 I, Benjamin


C'mon Down

Deep Sea Blues

Einstein-Rosen Bridge


  Garden of Flowers
  (Jardim de Flores)

GDTRFB > E Gureo Que


 Judgement Day

No Worries Island Jam

One More Load



  All Songs © Rick Cabral 2009-2013

    Songs in white are "new" releases

(Updated 9/20/13

New material is added on occasion, so check back for another helping of Jumbulayuh.

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